About ME

Vivek BuwaI am Vivek Buwa … rotating around sun since 1983!

I am into web development and making computer programs. I like to read. These days I m more interested in reading spiritual, philosophical kind of books. OSHO, J Krishnamurti, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar are my reading companions these days.

I like to listen to music. A R Rahman being the latest favourite.. I like oldies, bhajans, Hindustani Classical. My iPod is full of superb stuff like this and I am sure you won’t give it back to me for atleast 6 hrs if you manage to get it from me!

I cook…. Yes! Recently learned to cook Maggie noodles in a different, superb way. I like to make pakodas, pav bhaji and diff. types of rice.

This blog is kind of outlet to my random thoughts. At least as of now it is not dedicated to some topic. Suggestions are welcome!



  1. Dear Vivek,

    Let the world know more about osho’s thought …. it gives us tremendous amout of learning… why not have more articles from him in your blog…


    • Rakesh, you can find all of Osho’s books on line in written and audio here: http://www.oshoworld.com/onlinebooks/
      Start reading now…. Osho is amazing
      And thank you Vivek for bringing Osho to your blog.

  2. Hi Vivek,

    Osho’s idea of the new man, Zorba The Buddha, is what attracted me most to his philosophy. A synthesis of the best of what the East offers as well as the West.

    I love your blog and keep working on your articles. I hope to see more readers here on feedburner :-).

    I send you

    So much love,


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