The Art Of Living : yes!+ program

April 28, 2008

The Art Of Living : yes!+ program got finished today. It was a 4 days course at Yogi Sabhagriha, near Swami Narayan Temple, Dadar. The course was exclusively for young people between age groups 18 to 30. There were around 1000 participants. Thanks to Nimish for enrolling me for this course.

It was an amazing experience! Before this course, I had just heard of Art of Living courses, their Sudarshan Kriya and of course about sri sri….

On the first day, we started with little bit of yoga which were light exercises… a sort of warm up. After that, 12 to 18 suryanamaskaras. The female named Anjana was very nice at keeping our enthusiasm on and making the whole activity interesting.

Then we got introduced to two amazing personalities, Bawa and Dinesh. They both took over the stage completely. Bawa is superb at talking. Both of them are graduates from IIT, Mumbai. Both are extremely knowledgeable, helping, down to earth and completely dedicated. As I said earlier, Bawa is superb in talking. He is quick witted. He is having superb convincing power. Of course, whatever he was telling was having strong base of sri sri’s teachings and his own understanding. So whatever he was saying, in form of speech or as answers, he was convincing. But he used to demonstrate it very nicely. for e.g. one boy said.. “I will try to do sudarshan kriya everyday“. Bawa asked him to come to stage and asked him to “try to pick up the apple kept there on stage“. Poor fellow picked it up. Bawa said.. “Don’t pick up.. TRY TO PICK UP“.. Everybody started laughing. Then he said “You never try to do anything.. You DO IT or DON’T DO IT! Simple“.

Sudarshan Kriya is a superb practice. I feel that everyone should experience it by joining the course. It shows many physical effects on people doing it. Some people start crying, some laughing, some has finger cramps and what not. Basically its because strong emotional blast. Bawa jokingly calls it as “special effects”. I had cramps in my fingers. I had extreme nerve tension in head also. When Bawa asked us to lie down for sometime, to our surprise, we took rest for 45 minutes!!

We did sudarshan kriya for first 3 days out of four. “Special Effects” went on minimizing day by day!

There was a nice group of musicians including two fantastic singers. We heard very nice bhajans from them which are still playing in my ears.

Overall it was a very nice and refreshing experience. I have decided to do Sudarshan Kriya everyday. Lets see if I can maintain this. Bawa says “Don’t do kriya everyday.. do it only today!”

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  1. Hi,

    Seems you had a lot of fun at the YES+. 🙂
    I am also a devotee of the art of living.
    Its a humble request, could you please remove the description of sudarshan kriya, where you have mentioned that it is a recorded voice etc from this blog.
    We don’t talk about or discuss the technique with anyone. Yes we definitely can share the experience. If you really want others to know the “special effects” technique, just ask them to go for the course. 🙂
    Take care,

  2. I have removed the description of sudarshan kriya. I have got several comments on this issue. I still feel that I should be keeping it. One point I would like to mention here is, after writing this post.. I had requested Bawa to read it and suggest me the improvements if any. I didn’t get any response from Bawa and by the saying “मूकम् सम्मतिलक्षणम्” (silent reply shows acceptance).. I had kept the post as it is.
    Anyways, I admit now that if so many people feel that the description shouldn’t be there then I might be wrong in doing so..
    Thanks and no hard feelings for the people who asked me to remove it.


  3. hi, Jai Guru Dev,

    first of all i would really like to thank those people who brought such a nice n beautiful phase in my life those people who visited our college (Advani Law College). i am so relaxed both mentally and physically also this is all bcoz of Art of Living. i really enjoyed doing all sorts of yoga’s n kriya’s. Bawa and Dinesh sir r just amazing…really. Dinesh sir is having a very cute smile.It has really changed my life totally……..


  4. jai GuruDev….

    i m gr8 fan of Bawa and Dinesh sir blogs..
    & very soon i m going to join AOL.bbsr…

  5. Very Good…

  6. Jai Gurudev!

    Nice post!

    I was one of the teachers/volunteer/organizer of this course. I came from Chennai to help organize. Anjana Didi is my teacher :)..BnD are awesome, no words! 🙂

    This particulary was a great course. You and others who got to be a part of such a unique experience are very Blessed!! 🙂

    Also be in touch with the teacher/volunteer in your zone and go for Long kriya follow up/satsangs every weekend!! 🙂

    Next step – Summer Magic Yes++ (Yes!+ Advance course) in Bangalore Ashram from June 22-29 with BnD of course nd 1000’s of youths from all over the world!! 🙂

  7. YEs is a wonderful programme which makes younger’s vision clear and make them stronger and youthful.

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