I use GNU/Linux…. and I am HAPPY with it!

March 2, 2007


I use Ubuntu Linux Distribution at my home. I am GNU/Linux operating system user for last 4 years. When I first time heard about Richard Stallman and Open Source movement, I got very much impressed. I immediatly installed Red Hat 7 at my Home Machine and since then I have tried many distros.I have been thru all typical linux problem those days like ‘Linux not recognising my modem’,’Linux can’t play MP3′,’Linux has not detected sound card of my machine’ etc.. But, there was not a single day when there was not any Linux on my machine. I have always had duel boot with Windows XP and some GNU/Linux distro.

For last 4 months I m using Ubuntu. I got the CDs couriered from Netherlands after I put up the request in ‘ShipIt’ section of the Ubuntu website. It’s a great operating system. It recognised all of my computer hardware. I can play any video or audio format with it. It’s very much user friendly. My younger college going brother finds it very easy to operate. Whenever he is on computer.. he is on Ubuntu.

I am not against Microsoft. They have developed something which has taken them to the top in computer software market and kept them there for such a long time. It is defently a great thing. Here in India, there is just too much software piracy. Home PC users don’t have even an idea that there’s cost for operating systems, application softwares, games etc.. Most of the users use pirated softwares with cloned CDs which is unethical. I am against this.

GNU/Linux plays a very important role here. It’s free to use. There are so many open source alternatives to popular commercial softwares in open source area. e.g. Open Office is alternative for Microsoft Office. GImp is alternative for Photoshop, Blender is alternative for 3DsMax, Mozilla Firefox is alternate for Internet Explorer etc..

GNU/Linux was difficult to use once but its history now. Right from installation process, it has become very very user friendly. We just need to give it a try. We can download ISO images of any one of the popular GNU/Linux distributions from their respective websites…. Or we can buy those CDs for less than Rs.300/- from http://buylinuxdvd.com or such websites.

Five-six months back, there was an artcile in businessweek.com which said that the biggest girls school in Kerala has changed the policy and they use GNU/Linux for teaching. Those small girls learning computer, learn GNU/Linux only and they find it very easy. As they have never used MS Windows, they are unbiased.

As GNU/Linux is open source, its source code can be altered to meet own requirments and even can be distributed to help neighbour. Its concepts are inherited from the great, eternal concept for humans which is FREEDOM. So there’s no death to GNU/Linux.. there’s only growth….


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  1. Now I feel Every 1 should switch to Linux .

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