This is exactly what we want..

March 31, 2006

This is the picture published in Times Of India on 27th March 2006!
According to me the picture tells the way India should move in future. Without loosing the past and keep eye on the future. The kids shown here are from "ved pathshala" at Nerul!
I think we(Indians) should not loose our past. Many of us are aware of the fact that The Ayurved(sceince of Medicine), The Vaastushastra(Architecture) and many other sciences and techniques have been studied and contributed to a great extend by our ancestors. The Indian culture (Vedic Culture) is the oldest culture in this World. At that time Bhaarat(India) was ahead of all other cultures in all fields of life. We should have respect for our past. But at the same time we should think "How can we contribute to this knowledge?"
Our past was great.. I agree! but it is Past! With the changing time, this knowledge needs updation. Most of the things of these sciences have become outdated. but the base is not. The base on which the Vedic culture is based.. those idiologies have defently not become outdated.
Just because of some outdated things, scraping out the entire system won't be a good idea. By doing this we will fall in a void. Rather we are falling in a void and just to take support we are blindly taking support of other cultures which themselves are not strong enough!
The country which can give direction to the entire World has become directionless but somewhere i think that we still have that spark within us. We can bring that prosporous, World Leader, Superpower Bharat back!
Isn't the picture above tells the same?



  1. hi einstein,
    nice to see u back into blogging…

  2. The days of glory would be ours soon and we have to make a difference…

  3. Hey Mumbaiya babu,

    Like the statement “I AM BECAUSE I THINK” !!!

    Really good.


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