Save Power!

March 23, 2006

I stay in Maharashtra! There's huge amount of Power shortage these days! Maharashtra Electricity Board has taken a bitter decision about this issue which is "LOAD SHEDDING" This means that the whole Maharashtra (except Mumbai) will face at least 3 hrs. of Power Cut every day!
This is disgusting.. This is creating bad impact on industries in Maharashtra.
The politicians, who did not initiated a single new Power Plant in last 10 years are responsible for it. The population and thus the need for power has increased to a great extend in last 10 years and now the existing power supply system is failing to fulfill the need.
Why we as people should not take step in saving the Power?
We can minimize use of ACs
We can switch off the fans and tubelights in the other rooms where nobody is sitting
and even u can think over some other options…. BUT WE NEED TO IMPLEMENT THOSE NOW

Lets Do It!



  1. Vivek, nice to see a post after long time. Keep blogging.

  2. Nandan, Thanks Very Much for ur Comment!

  3. hi vivek..
    this is great to see that you are SPREADING awareness about problem of electricity ‘(except mumbai)’ by writting seriously on it ..
    we have to do it otherwise we will have DARK future.

    — aditya

  4. good beginning vivek..
    the topics u hv chosen are good..

  5. hi its nice tomake a comment on this topic.we can do one thing dat we can use CFL bulbs instead of tubelights. tubes consume 40 w but cfl require 18w to give same intensity of light.

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