I am Blogging again

October 26, 2005

Hello World!
I m blogging again…. I tried doing this some months ago and had put some bollywood actresses’ fotos. Nobody seen them Except me for 2-3 times. i hv removed that blog now.
One of my friend Satish is maintaining his blog with gr8 passion (http://bombaylives.blogspot.com) and that might be something which has pulled me doing this again.
I am a web designer and computer programmer. I have created and maintain website of my grandpa Va.Aa.Buwa who is a very famous marathi comedy writer(http://www.buwa.in).
I am also having ideas for creating some more websites and will be posting here about those if my interest remain in tact about blogging.
I am looking forward in a positive way about this blog as it seems to be a gr8 way of reaching to people around the world.
That’s all for now! thanks very much!!


One comment

  1. Hi Vivek, Good luck with blogging. One way to get noticed is use sites such as http://www.technorati.com (more such information available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blogosphere) and find bloggers of your interests. I haven’t used them much, but they might prove useful.–>

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